An African Experience

Through my art I've had the honor and opportunity to share some of my best African visions.

A Batik Influence

Mubiru has not always worked in oils.

Like most East African artists he started out working in Batik when he lived in Nairobi, Kenya. This process utilizes dyes applied to cloth mostly cotton or silk using wax as a blocker. "I use wax as a blocker” he says “The paint doesn't go where the wax is. I start from light to dark dyes. I will apply lets say yellow then block the parts that I want to stay yellow with wax, then apply blue to get greens and so on." Mubiru learned this technique from exiled Ugandan artists while he was living in Kenya. By default, batik has always been an experimental art form and for a creative mind like Mubiru's, the sky is the limit. He took it to the next level, with muted earth tones for instance. One of the techniques he developed is particularly effective in a series of works inspired by ancient Art and rock paintings. The work took on a jagged series of lines, similar to cracks on a rock face.